I believe that a woman births best where she feels safe.  I hope to help you and  carry you through making your birth plan choices.  Where ever and how ever you choose to birth, I will be by your side the whole time.  I am open to attending every kind of birth and any kind of circumstances it may unfold, whether it be at home, in the hospital, at a birthing center, a planned c-section, or an unassisted birth.

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I have an amazing community of men and women at my fingertips, that I am lucky enough to call my village.  I want to offer my clients as much as I can, but I know that doulas are meant to work together.  If I don't have the resources, product, or answer to your questions, I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES!.  Let me help you get the best care from the people in our community who are experts in the specific field.  Whether it be food and nutrition, family support, or a lactation consultant, I will have the resources available to connect you with the best services and support.

Hey there!  I am a birth and postpartum doula in Northern California, trained through Birth Arts International, with focus on loving women through their most vulnerable time, through community, empowerment, and education.  I am available to follow you through your pregnancy, helping you prepare for a healthy labor and positive birth, as well as support for all your post partum needs.  I believe in your body's ability to grow and birth a baby, and that education and empowerment are the key to making your birth as smooth as possible.  With the right tribe by your side, you can do anything!

Amber Poeschel

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My first child was born in 2012, with every intention of a home birth.  My pregnancy became complicated and he was an emergency induction, vaginal birth in the hospital.
My second child, in 2015, was born on my bedroom floor after only 2 hours of labor.  He was a lotus birth, my healing birth, and the birth that inspired me to get more involved in our local birth community.

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